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About ERA Graphics

About the Artist

The stamp designs, and other items in this catalog, were conceived and rendered by the noted artist, calligrapher and standard Poodle mommy E. Roberta Altshuler. Roberta has been involved in graphic design and calligraphy for over twenty years. She operated a successful graphic design firm in New York City and has long championed calligraphy and its inclusion in graphic design and other art forms. Always in love with the art of primitive peoples, she has taken numerous field trips so as to be able to personally sketch many of the images available here.

Art should be an integral part of your life. While ornamentation has its place, for art to be truly meaningful, it must touch some part of you. It is for this reason that my work includes the aspects of expanded consciousness, empowerment and other images that lead to a better balanced and satisfying life. Positive thoughts trigger positive happenings.

About Our Stamps

We use photo-engraved Rigilon or 16-gauge zinc plates for our masters, which results in an image approximately 3/64 inch high. Our stamps are vulcanized using the highest grade 3/32 inch red stamp rubber. The die is then adhered to 1/8 inch high density foam backing and the result is carefully hand trimmed. We mount on hardwood blocks or three-quarter inch Lucite and index with waterproof, solvent-based ink.

We unconditionally guarantee our stamps and other products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the product to us prepaid and we will refund your purchase price or offer an exchange.

Copyright Notice

All images and copy contained on these web pages are copyrighted and/or trademarked and registered with the Library of Congress. All rights are specifically reserved under Pan American and International copyright conventions. The entire contents of this web site are protected and may not be copied or reproduced in any way. We have and will defend the integrity of our images.

Copyright Policy

We are an angel company. My position regarding the use of my stamp images is very simple... you may use the stamps for commercial or non-commercial use as long as each piece is hand stamped and no mechanical methods are used to reproduce the actual images.

Additionally, I have, on occasion, given permission for the use and mechanical reproduction of a select images to a club or non-for-profit organization for use on their newsletters, for several individuals to use on business cards and once for a tattoo, (where on the body I do not know). Please note that such requests must be in writing and, if acceptable, written permission (never oral) will be provided.

Our catalog is not a source for clip art. If you wish to use an image contained in our catalog for any other purpose, or in another manner than that originally intended, please contact us for licensing rights. In other words, if you try and rip me off I will sic my attack poodle on you.

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