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ERA Graphics - Classes

These are descriptions of some of the current classes taught by Roberta in workshops around the country. Her newest class is Intuitive Collage Card Decks, which she will be teaching at several venues around the country in the next few months. For a schedule of Roberta's upcoming classes, see the most recent newsletter.

She taught two of these classes -- Spirit Guide Amulet Vessels and Wild Women Fetish Pins -- at Queen Fest in Long Beach, CA, November 1999. Both classes involve the new technique of using mold boards to make impressions in the clay.

Intuitive Collage Card Decks. This one uses stamps and all the little bits and pieces crafters save up because they are too good to throw away. Also a great place to use the collage packs created by Christina Gibbs (aka, Xina the Web Mistress par excellence).

Click here to see sample images of the collage cards.

Spirit Guide Amulet Vessels. Combining polymer clay and stamping and wire work and... This class continually changes as I explore and discover new and different ways to work with clay. Karen and I have developed a way to make Inroe, the delicate Japanese style boxes that hang from the sash of a Kimono and are used like small purses. Note that the heads come out and the body is a vessel. The amulets can include a lot of beadwork or not, as you like.

Click here to see sample images of the amulet vessels.

Wild Women Fetish Pins. This class has evolved, as opposed to having been created, to include a large segment on making Fetish people pins. The bodies are made using mold boards and different finishes. The faces are masks, with earrings, and the hair is waxed linen. Beads are used also.

Click here to see sample images of the fetish pins.

Face Pins This is a polymer clay pin class where you find out what can be created with polymer clay, stamps, beads, wire, and a little imagination.

Click here to see sample images of the face pins.

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