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ERA Graphics Focus CardsTM

ERA Graphics has created a very special set of Focus CardsTM, laminated cards with a single word reproduced in ornate calligraphy entwined in intricate patterns. In response to the overwhelming demand for new but allied products to the Focus CardsTM, Note Cards and Affirmation Cards are now available, too.

Focus CardsTM

At our best each of us is a channel through which God's wisdom flows, and we are sensitive to the inner guidance that provides us with the intuitive knowing we require. But life can be hard and difficult and we are not always clear. The channels that we are often become blocked by fears, suited up with self-doubt. We do not always hear the still small voice that is our natural inheritance.           - Ralph Blum
These beautiful cards are a useful tool to help you focus and trigger creative and positive thoughts. Hopefully, these Focus CardsTM can help you connect with your own inner guidance, the part of you that knows. Each card contains a different word and can be used in conjunction with other Creative Visualization processes, such as that espoused by Shakti Gawain.

These cards have been designed and rendered by the noted artist and calligrapher E. Roberta Altshuler. The original art work was then reproduced and laminated to withstand years of use and remain as beautiful as the day they were purchased. The Focus CardsTM are produced in two sizes: large, 3" x 4", and small, 1 1/2" x 2 1/2". Each set contains 68 cards and is packaged in a velvet drawstring pouch. Each set also contains a magnetized vinyl sleeve which allows display of the selected card on any metal surface. An introduction to the concept and ideas for use is included.

The uses to which you can apply these cards is limitless, and while there are many different ways to actually use the Focus CardsTM here are some suggestions:

  • Each morning pick a card at random and use that message throughout the day to mentally focus your thoughts and actions.

  • With a group of friends, each picks a card and discusses its relevance.

  • On your birthday or other significant event, pick a card and focus upon its guidance for this new period.

Large deck ~ $35.00     Small deck ~ $25.00

I am currently designing several new thematically oriented sets which will address such needs as grief and self-image. I would welcome hearing from you as to how you have utilized these cards in your life.

Note Cards

Many purchasers of the Focus CardsTM found that there were sending individual cards to someone special in their lives and were left with an incomplete set for themselves. The Note Cards were specifically designed to provide a way to make a gift of a Focus CardTM. Selective Focus CardsTM were enlarged, recolored, laminated and have a magnetic strip affixed. They are then mounted on high grade parchment note paper. The Note Cards, in soft pastel colors with a matching envelope, allow the sender to include a personal note. The recipient can then remove the card from the parchment backing and affix it to any metal surface, or place it on a desk or dresser.

Let us choose a Note Card for you from among the 22 available. It will be just like selecting a Focus CardTM from your own deck. Or you can view the list of the available cards online and select a special Focus CardTM. The Note Cards are sold individually for $4.25 each.

Affirmation Cards

The Affirmation Cards were designed to provide a more focused message to deal with specific barriers and stumbling blocks in our everyday lives. In conjunction with Shakti Gawain, the Affirmation Cards provide an entire, positive affirmation from her best selling book Reflecting in the Light.

Shakti Gawain is the internationally known motivational writer and speaker who is credited with bringing the concept of creative visualization into the mainstream. These oversized cards are beautifully rendered, colored and laminated. They are of different sizes since each card reflects its own specific message.

There are 22 Affirmation Cards available and they are priced at $4.00 each. We would be pleased to pick out a card for you or you may choose one from this list of the available cards.

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