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Unmounted stamps, also called dies, are the wave of the future! It makes sense, as there have been numerous reports of mounted stamps taking over a household and forcing the family to seek other digs.

"It all started with just a few stamps" said Merna Le Roy of Catahoola, Mississippi, "just a small part of the family room, then I converted the spare bedroom, then the dinning room and the children didn't have a place to do their homework and had to rely on the kindness of strangers." "My god when does it stop?" sobbed Merna. To avoid cases like this, many stampers have turned to the dreaded unmounted die, and have found love and happiness at long last.

There are at least three methods for stamping with unmounted dies. However, the first thing you need to know is that you do not, repeat not, need cushion. These puppies stamp just fine without the stuff. On to the various methods:

  • HALOS System - this method uses hook and loop tape similar to Velcro(TM). One side mounted to various size mounts, and the opposite to the dies. Even the cheap imported hook and loop tape will last for 15,000 or so uses. There are several companies offering HALO systems, just look in the various stamp journals.

  • Aileene's Tack-It Over and Over - a viscous liquid that is brushed on only the die. When dries it can be used again and again, much like the Velcro, however, it is much thinner and thus causes less rocking. Again available in many stamp stores and through the mail. Try Jo-Ann's stores or online. Look for ads in the journals.

  • Double Stick Tape - this is the method I use. It is cheap and readily available where ever there is a stationary store handy. I use it with Lucite mounts and have never had a problem.

For HALOS mounting supplies, try: HALOS Rubber Stamps Originators of the HALOS ("Hooked And Looped On Stamps") mounting system

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