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Painting with Powders

designed by Debbie Shipley


  • ERA Graphics Chop Stamp #180-001H:
  • White Card Stock
  • Embossing Powders (various colors)
  • Boss Gloss Embossing Ink
  • A Heat Tool

Steps for the background

  1. Using Boss Gloss Embossing Ink, make several swipes across the white card stock. Holding card over a piece of scrap paper, sprinkle the darkest embossing powder generously on the embossing ink. Tap excess powder onto scrap paper; return to container for future use. Apply heat to back of card stock with a heat tool until all the powder has melted; allow to cool.

  2. Swipe embossing ink on card again; sprinkle with a different colored powder; heat. Repeat with several colors.

  3. Add powder to any sparsely filled area; heat.

  4. Trim background to desired size.

To create the main image:

  1. Using a dark color card stock and a well-inked embossing ink pad, stamp the image.

  2. Working quickly so embossing ink does not dry out, sprinkle the same powders used in the background on the stamped image. Heat; allow to cool.

  3. Trim the stamped image smaller than the embossed background.

  4. Mount embossed background on a larger piece of card stock with double-stick tape or foam tape (for dimension).


  • Save trimmed shapes for another project.
  • Make background slightly larger than needed to allow for trim.
  • I store my favorite embossing powders in a storage unit made for bead storage. These are "strips" of jar-like containers (5-13 per strip) with lids. They stack well and can be easily used and refilled.

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